What is Creativeen Inc?

Creativeen is an organization created to empower and promote talents and entrepreneurship in our community through skill acquisition, ecommerce and network marketing. Creativeen was created in June 2018 and has since then been working behind the scene researching, studying and analyzing suitable ways to better impact the community.

It is our aim to empower our society by educating and helping our members acquire new skill sets which they can use to generate income or financial opportunities as well as identify themselves in the society or just for the sake of learning something new.

Creativeen also encourage and promote already found talents by providing them a state of the art active e-market platform for them to showcase their individual talents, meet or find new audience and potentially create an active and/or passive income source and sponsorship.Creativeen has three primary sections or activities.

  • Skill Acquisition
  • Ecommerce
  • Networking and Marketing

Section one: Skill Acquisition

As explained above Creativeen helps people find new skills and/or promote skills. It is not enough to just talk to youths or gift them with items. We must teach them to be selfempowered. There is a saying; “do not give me fish but teach me to fish.” We help people learn new skills which they can use to better themselves. Example of skills one can learn on our

platform includes;
  • Making body lotions
  • Making bathing and bathroom gels
  • Become an author
  • Computer digital skills and preparation for certification
  • Graphics design
  • Much more (visit our help page.)

This list can be modified or changed as need raises. We will work with third party trainers in some cases to teach members these skills.

Section two: Ecommerce

Creativeen has a state of the art, easy and very user friendly ecommerce section on its online platform where members can sell their newly acquired skills. The Aim of this section is to enable members easily reach huge audiences with their newly acquired skills hence exposing them to financial, and social empowerment or opportunities as they sell and/or advertise online.

This ecommerce platform offers a direct p2p (person to person) trades at their own fixed pricing. People can sell whatever they have on this platform. Each product added on the platform has a unique URL which you (the seller) can use to advertise your product in your circle to increase sales.

A seller may choose to reward people who sell for him/her, that is to say a seller may decide to activate his/her product for affiliate marketing. This increases the speed at which seller’s item is sold as many other people will do sales for seller in exchange for affiliate commission.

Section three: Network Marketing

As part of our initiative of empowering our society, Creativeen also created a system through which its members can be rewarded financially. This is achieved through a generous compensation in which each member is required to introduce three (3) other new people who successfully become members too.

There are 8 levels in total, the very first two levels are called the feeder levels their purpose is to feed the six other levels. An active members starts receiving financial reward once they reach level one (please note; not feeder levels) and they continue to receive earnings for every member that completes level one under their network. This process continues until they reach the final level which is level 6, at which point they reenter the network at feeder level one and the whole cycle starts again. Registration fee is only 750FCFA and from there a member stands a change of gaining new skills, selling online and receiving financial rewards continuously