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Registration & Account

To register simply click on the 'register now' button on the home page or click here. On the following screen fill in your full names, phone number and password then click sign up. Lastly you pay the platform fee and you are done.
There is a one time registration fee of 2,700frs ONLY and is also NON REFUNDABLE, which gives you access to our services and an earning potential.
You will not have full access to our services. For example will be able to sell and/or buy only.
To change your account details, simply login and click on profile. From there you are able to change your account name, email, phone number, town and country. Click on security to change your account password. We advice you to make sure all information in filled.
Go to the login screen and click on forgot password or contact Support to help you reset your password.
On your dashboard you will be a button called Upgrade, click on it and follow the steps to upgrade your account.
Contact Support if you wish to terminate your account

Buy & Selling online

To sell online simple goto account section, click on products and sales, then click on Add Product Now fill in every detail about what you wish to sell and lastly click on Post Now. We will review your item within 24hours and activate it.
Just create an account and start selling. It takes less than 30 seconds
No it isn't, but we recommend it for faster sales.
This is completely up to you. When you post a new Ad, you have the option to set how much a product cost and also how much an affiliate would earn (0 XAF means no affiliate) Please note we keep 10% of each sales as fees
Every product or item has its commission as indicated by the seller (owner). Please click on view to read more information about each product.
Every Sale made on our platform is well documented. Click on Product & Sales under account section to view all products and their respective sales.
Click on Product & Sales under account section to view, edit, disactivate or delete products.
In your account section, under History, you can see all your orders. Complete: means the order has been completed successfully. Processing: means your order is still on its way to you and Cancelled: means the order was not successful. Orders are delivered to the buyer by the seller through us as we are able o handle nationwide delivery. Please contact Support for any query.
Orders placed can not be cancelled.

Earnings and Payments

We currently pay through MTN Mobile Money and Orange Money. We will be adding more payment methods in the nearest future.
To allow our accounts work properly, payouts will be done once every week, on the Friday of each week. You can request payout during the week however.
The minimum payout is currently set at 1,000XFA
There are several ways to earn. Firstly; you earn through our generous compensation plan (earning as you advance in levels) You can also earn by direcly selling a product on our eMarket section. Lastly you can earn by posting and selling your talent or skills. Please refer to your network section to see full compensation payout
We offer shares on sale to our loyal members. These shares are worth an equivalent is CFA. We will payout devidends to everyone holding shares of the company. Also note in case where shares are finished, users can sell amongs each other. PLEASE NOTE SHARES ARE PAID OUT ONCE 50 PEOPLE COMPLETE THEIR ESRNING OF LEVEL 2 AND IT IS AN ESTIMATE OF 400%

Skill Aquisition

The primary aim of this platform is to empower the society through aquiring skills, using the power of networking and ecommerce to create a source of income. So we teach and help people gain new and profitable skills
We teach home based skills like creating bathing gels, baking cakes, producing oil, making local kitchen items and much more.
To learn a new skill, please make sure to have reach level 2 of the compensation plan. Thanks

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