Creativeen skill acquisition explained in details

Creativeen promotes entrepreneurship by offering all its members and the public an opportunity to learn new creative skills which they can use to create financial opportunities and empower themselves

Some of these skills include

  • Homemade medicated bathing soap
  • Graphics design
  • Fashion design and sowing
  • Electricity and domestic wiring
  • Baking and pastries
  • Website development and ICT
  • Digital marketing
  • Making of hand sanitizers and bathroom gels
  • Making of body lotions and butt, and facial oils
  • Learning manicure, pedicure makeup skills
  • Bloging
  • Free Udemy courses

All members upon sign up are free to choose one of the above skills and start learning immediately. When they choose their skills they will be added to the respective WhatsApp group where training will beginning with their respective trainer. A member is required to reach the apprentice level in order to start attaining physical / practical trainings. If a member on signing up request direct practical training, the member will be required to pay a direct fee of 3,500FCFA.

Creativeen will work closely with all trainers to ensure the members get the best of trainings. Trainers will be encouraged to sell their items on the ecommerce section.

Practical sessions will be organised once atleast 10 people of a particular skill reach the Apprentice level